When Is a Cosmetic Dentist Most Necessary?

Is your smile in need of repair? If so, rest assured you aren’t alone. Thousands of Americans across the country need or have utilized cosmetic dentistry services in the past to restore their smiles to their original glory. However, many individuals hesitate against whether to seek out cosmetic dentistry at all. How do you know whether you need help from an Atlanta cosmetic dentist or your typical dental services? Here are a few signs cosmetic dentistry may be more ideal for your oral health needs.

Your Teeth Are Misaligned

Whether due to an accident or simple genetics, crooked teeth can make it difficult to show off your smile to its fullest. An Atlanta cosmetic dentist can adjust the alignment of your teeth so they’re perfectly straight and even fill in little chips and gaps that have developed over time. This can be accomplished through veneers or a different procedure, depending on the extent of your dental misalignment.

Some of Your Teeth Are Missing.

It can be especially difficult to smile if you have missing teeth. You may worry all anyone will focus on are the holes in your smile. The good news is you have options to repair this issue, especially if you choose to seek out care from an Atlanta cosmetic dentist. A qualified professional can fit you with bridges or implants meant to fill in those gaps so you no longer have to be afraid to flash a smile.

Your Teeth Are Stained or Yellowed

Discolored teeth are one of the most common cosmetic dental issues Americans face. This predominantly comes from heavy caffeine consumption; regular consumption of sodas and coffee can easily leave traces of residue on your teeth and mar their coloring. An Atlanta cosmetic dentist can easily perform a whitening procedure and revive your pearly whites to their brightest selves.

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