What You Should Know Before You Get AC Replacement Service

Air conditioning units play a significant role in our lives. They help us to keep indoor temperatures at manageable levels. Just like other devices, air conditioning systems are prone to wear and tear and can, at times, be damaged beyond reparable levels. If you are having problems with your current air conditioning unit, or if your air conditioning systems has been in around for too long, it is imperative that you Get AC Replacement Service. Before you consider replacing your current air conditioning system, it is important you look into these factors.

Repair or Replace

When it comes to cost, most people think that a new air conditioning system would be a very expensive option. While this may be true in terms of the initial costs involved when acquiring the unit, long term repair costs may be more than the replacement costs. If you are frequently repairing your air conditioning unit, it is advisable you consider a replacement. Similarly, if you have an old AC unit in your home, it is important you consider replacing it. This is because most old AC units are energy inefficient and they therefore make you to incur high monthly energy bills.

Energy Rating

Air conditioning systems are rated through the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, number of their compressors. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the device. To enhance energy conservation, federal regulations require you to install an air conditioning system with a thirteen or higher SEER. Today, the highest rated air conditioning units range between 17 to 18 SEER. Although the cost of purchase would be higher, these ACs are highly energy efficient and can therefore lower your operating costs.

Sound Rating Numbers

To keep your home comfortable, it is important you also consider the noise that the air conditioning unit makes. For a cooler yet quiet indoor environment, go for an air conditioning unit that is quieter than comparable units.

These are just some of the major factors you should understand before you Get AC Replacement Service. Remember to hire a competent air conditioning contractor from Eco Air of Southwest Florida to do the installations for you.


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