What You Need To Know About Free Medical Care After A Personal Injury Accident In OKC

If you need medical care because of a no fault auto accident or a Personal Injury Accident in OKC, you can be treated with no hassles at an accident care clinic. If the injury has been proven that it’s not your fault, you don’t have to pay one dime for the services at the clinic. Read the questions and answers below to find out more information about this type of accident and personal injury medical care.
Q.) Who is responsible for the payment at this type of clinic?
A.) When an accident or work injury is not your fault, the insurance of the responsible party will pay for all of your medical bills. The medical center will submit all of the bills for your care to the responsible party or to the insurance company that they have.
Q.) If the doctor prescribes prescription medications, will I have to pay for them myself?
A.) Any medications that are prescribed by a physician at the clinic will be given to you at the clinic at no charge to you. The cost of the medications and other supplies you may need to help with your healing is provided by the clinic and the cost of these supplies is billed to the insurance company.
Q.) What can I expect when I arrive at the clinic due to my Personal Injury Accident in OKC?
A.) After arriving at the clinic, you will meet with a staff member to discuss your injuries and the process of the insurance claim. Next, a qualified physician will give you an examination and order x-rays or other tests if needed. After the doctor makes a diagnosis your injuries, he will work up a treatment plan for you. If you need help communicating with the insurance company of the responsible party, the staff will help you with this process. They also provide free legal help if you need it and if your case goes to trial, your physician will testify in court concerning your injuries.
Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc – provides medical treatment to people who are injured in an auto accident or on the job. Visit their website at accidentcare.info for more information and to call for an appointment.

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