What Types of Domain Name Disputes Should Missouri Businesses Look Out For?

What do you do when you need to patent an original invention, trademark a product, or copyright a composition? You don’t muddle through the process on your own. Without knowledge of the law, your actions may be ineffective. Instead, you hire a patent law attorney. If you’re also trying to obtain a certain Domain Name Missouri, a patent law attorney is highly recommended. The law is complex, and judges’ decisions vary widely in domain name cases. Three main types of domain name disputes to look out for are cyber squatting, competing use, and non-competing use.

If you’re currently trying to obtain legal rights to a Domain Name Missouri, it may be due to “cyber squatting” or “typo squatting”. This is a tricky practice in which a company registers a purposely misspelled domain name that resembles their competitor’s domain name. They are betting on potential customers finding their website by mistyping the competition’s web address, or by unknowingly clicking on a deceptive link. This practice is unfair to a legitimately successful business, and a patent law attorney is required to put a stop to it.

When one company registers a domain name that matches the name of its competition, this is called “competing use”. For example, suppose two toy companies are named We Sell Toys and Toying Around. Suppose that Toying Around registers the domain name weselltoys.com. They claim that they have the right to the domain name since they do, in fact, sell toys. Now, We Sell Toys has a valid case against Toying Around for competing use, and must hire a patent law attorney to win the rights to the domain name.

Sometimes, two or more companies have similar names, and each has an equal claim to a certain domain name. This is called “non-competing” use. For example, suppose you are a contractor with a business called Missouri Building Associates, and there is a lumberyard named Missouri Building Supply. Both can claim a right to the domain name missouribuilding.com. To obtain this Domain Name Missouri, you would need a patent law attorney to argue your case in court.

The domain name is the most impressionable aspect of your business’s web presence. It must be relevant and easy to remember so that your customers can find you. Do not hesitate to hire a patent law attorney to help you preserve this valuable business asset.

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