What to Know when Looking for a Diamond Buyer

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Jewelry

If you own diamonds, you may find yourself needing to sell them at some point or another. There are several reasons why one would be willing to seek a diamond buyer for their precious stones. One reason could be because you need some quick cash. Or perhaps the diamonds bring you bad memories from an old flame and that you hope to forget and move on from. It might also be possible that selling diamonds is your thing. Whatever your reason for selling your diamonds, there are certain things that you should know.

Usually, when looking for a diamond buyer, the first place that comes to mind is the local pawnshop or the jeweler’s. If you decide to dispose of your diamonds at the pawnshops, you will be assured of instant cash. However, you will only get a small percentage of the actual market value of the diamonds. A great advantage of selling your diamonds at the pawnshops is that if you do change your mind you can still get your diamonds back. This is because these shops allow a cooling period of about six months to a year.

A second option for those looking for a diamond buyer, Oklahoma City is the auction route. Compared to pawnshops, auctions offer better prices for your diamonds. However, this is determined by the bidders present at the auction. It is therefore not a guarantee that you will get a high price. Also, if you change your mind down the road you will not be able to get your diamonds back.

The third and perhaps most convenient route is the online option. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to find hundreds of diamond buyers who are interested in purchasing your precious stone. When choosing a diamond buyer online, you need to be sure that you select a reliable and reputable dealer. It is also important to check how soon you will receive cash for your diamonds. Once you have identified a dealer you wish to sell your diamonds to, the first step involves contacting them and giving them details of your stone.

A reputable diamond buyer, Oklahoma City will be interested in finding out the color, cut, clarity and carat of your stone. These are referred to as the 4Cs of the world of precious stones. After this assessment, the online buyer will post the diamonds on their site and once an interested party shows up you will be contacted. You will then be required to send the stones via a courier service such as FedEx.
When looking for a diamond buyer, consider factors such as the ease of completing the transaction and whether there is allowance for a change of mind down the road.

Selling diamonds is not as difficult as it sounds. You can easily get an online diamond buyer at the comfort of your home. Visit our website for more details


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