What to Expect From a First-Class Animal Hospital in Oregon

Most of us bond with our pets, consider them members of the family, and want to give them the best possible care. That usually means trusting their health to a local veterinary hospital which offers care for every stage of animals’ lives. However, not all facilities are equal, and it is critical that you know how to recognize a first-class Animal Hospital in Oregon.

They Offer 24/7 Service
It is very important that an Animal Hospital in Oregon offers 24/7 emergency and critical care. Hospitals such as WestVet are good examples of this. You can call at any hour and reach an experienced staff member, who will offer suggestions and help determine whether you need to bring your pet in. You may be able to arrange ambulance service. A vet will examine your animal and provide emergency treatment or surgery.

They Use Modern Technology
The best veterinary hospitals now include the same high tech equipment found in your own hospital. Vets use medical imaging, and labs. They can provide on-site blood work, urinalysis, and many other tests. Vets can diagnose birds and horses, as well as exotic and small animals. They provide state-of-the-art ophthalmology to find and treat eye problems. Facilities offer complete radiology and oncology services.

They Provide Rehabilitation Services
A veterinary hospital should offer post-surgical rehabilitation services that help with healing, mobility, and pain management. The best facilities provide physiotherapy, which can include the use of underwater treadmills, massage, and exercise. Hospitals may offer programs for strength training, neurological rehabilitation, and aerobic conditioning. Some also include veterinary acupuncture, to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms, and speed healing.

They Educate Pet Owners
First-class clinics also help pet owners understand and modify pet behavior. Services can range from sessions with behavioral experts to home care videos, at sites such as www.westvet.net. Modern veterinary centers also provide end-of-life services, including grief counseling resources.

A first-rate animal hospital can provide all the care your pets need to lead happy, healthy lives. Modern facilities care for animals through every stage of life, and offer cutting-edge treatments. They also provide 24/7 emergency services, and educational resources that help owners understand and help their animals.

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