What To Consider For POC Assays

One of the increasingly important aspects of medical care and diagnosis is providing patients with immediate, accurate results. These POC or Point of Care setting assays are instrumental in diagnosing conditions that pose potential issues for infection, spread, and patient and staff health and safety.

The Importance of Point of Care Setting Testing

These point of care settings can include emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, doctors’ offices, and community based health units. Depending on the specific country around the world, various assays can be used in the POC setting to diagnose HIV, the presence of drugs, fertility, and other types of infectious diseases.

To choose the best tests for any healthcare setting, consider the following factors for both the test and the manufacturer.

Expertise and Proven Reliability

Selecting a point of care setting test starts with considering the experience and reliability of the manufacturer. Look for companies with multiple tests on the market that are effective and have a proven reliability record when used in medical settings.

Reviewing the performance of the assays over time is another factor. Sometimes, due to specific health issues such as a global pandemic, limited documentation may be initially available. This is where the reputation of the manufacturer becomes a critical factor. Manufacturers with an established line of products in the market, particularly those operating on a global scale, have the scalability and processes in place to rapidly produce quality tests.

Manufacturing Capabilities and Capacity

For any organization with a point of care setting, it is critical to have access to the number of tests required for the patient volume. This is another area where an established manufacturer offers the infrastructure to rapidly ramp up production of tests or maintain production levels to provide the tests required by the healthcare facility placing the order.

One of the leading providers of POC setting assays is Trinity Biotech. This international company provides a range of services and assays for the medical and biotech sectors. Used in research and patient care, these tests are designed for accuracy, fast results, and ease of use for medical staff.

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