What is an oral surgeon?

An oral surgeon in Colorado Springs is a dentist who has taken a number of years of specialist training and is qualified to perform oral surgery on a patient’s teeth, gums, jaw and mouth. There are a number of routine procedures that are done by oral surgeons; these include the extraction of wisdom teeth, root canals and the repair of gums. An oral surgeon has the skill and knowledge required to properly diagnose and treat the most complex dental problems. An oral surgeon has been trained in the proper use of various types of anesthesia; the surgeon will undertake some procedures in his or her office while other procedures may have to be done in a hospital setting.

Although the oral surgeon does do work on a patients gums and jaw, the greatest majority of the work is oriented to teeth. The most common procedures that an oral surgeon will be called upon to undertake are the extraction of difficult wisdom teeth as well as the extraction of severely impacted teeth. Undertaking root canals is another common procedure. A root canal is a dental procedure where the pulp in the interior of the tooth is removed, effectively deadening the nerves of the tooth. Root canals are done when existing decay has caused serious infection which can be deadly if not controlled. An oral surgeon also does dental implants, a procedure that is often carried out on a patient who has lost one or more teeth due to any reason.

Gum disorders are often solved through surgical intervention. Gum problems are normally the result of disease which can cause rapid deterioration of the gum tissue. For example, gingivitis can result in having to have gum tissue removed. There are many children born with a deformed pallet or cleft lip, these patients can be helped with oral surgery.

An experienced oral surgeon in Colorado Springs will be called upon in the event maxillofacial surgery is necessary. Maxillofacial surgery can be performed on the head and neck but most often the surgical site is the jaw where it connects to the face and skull. In many cases an accident victim who has received extensive damage to his or her face and jaw will turn to an oral surgeon for reconstruction of the damaged areas.

The oral surgeon’s day is usually split between actually surgical procedures and giving patients insights into combating oral complications as well as consulting with patients who are awaiting surgery.

There are many cases where the skills of an oral surgeon in Colorado Springs will be needed. Dr. Marc R. Van Ness at Lehman Drive Dental includes wisdom teeth extraction in the procedures offered.

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