What is Allergy Patch Testing in Chesterfield MO?

Allergy path testing in Chesterfield MO area is a painless process that helps to identify allergens that are causing skin dermatitis. A lot of people have what they refer to as sensitive skin but, they are exposing their skin to chemicals and organics that they are allergic to. Calming your skin starts with understanding what NOT to expose it to.

Knowing is Half the Battle

There is no better way to address a problem then to know what it is. Many people make the mistake of not fully understanding exactly what they are allergic too. Patch testing helps to reveal exactly which substances you are allergic too. The process is simple:

  1. An accredited dermatologist is the best specialist to handle this testing
  2. They will take a health history from you and ask about your experience with contact dermatitis
  3. They will apply “patches” to your back that contain diluted chemical agents that are known allergens
  4. They will monitor the area for any changes or reactions
  5. They will discuss the findings with you

The process is painless and can easily identify the compounds that are causing you problems. This testing is completely safe when administered by a professional.


When it comes to contact dermatitis, the best treatment is to avoid the allergen and not have any contact. The only way to effectively avoid allergens is to identify them. The patch test is the easiest way to accurately identify the compounds that you are allergic to. West County Dermatology offers this type of testing and can help you to discover what is causing you to itch and breakout.

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