What Do You Know About Real Estate SEO?

In the not too distant past SEO for any industry or any website was a pretty simple concept. The more times that you used a specific word or phrase, known as a keyword, the more likely your website was to be found by the search engines and ranked to the top of the page. For real estate SEO the same was true, but now search engines use a much more complicated algorithms to determine where your website will rank.

Titles, Tags and Descriptions

Search engines search specific areas of your website first, which include the titles, tags and descriptions that you use. If you aren’t using these elements the search engines are passing you by for a site that is.

Make sure that the city or location, the description of the property, and even the name of the agent are clearly listed in this information. This is also the information that will show under the URL on the search engine page which will definitely get potential buyers interested in the property.

Content Marketing

Another important consideration for real estate SEO strategies is to use content marketing. Providing helpful “how to” and informative blogs, content and features to your website that use key search terms is very helpful to boost your website getting on the search engine page when searchers use specific keywords.

Backlinks and Links

While it may initially seem counterintuitive linking and back linking to other relevant websites will help with your search engine rankings. When you have a good website that uses real estate SEO others will want to link with you, creating multiple ways for customers to get to your site.

Links can also come from different areas where you post. YouTube, guest blogs, forums and articles on user generated content websites can be very helpful in bringing traffic back to you. Of course, using top real estate SEO strategies will bring customers to that site, and then they click on the link out of interest or the need for more information.

Gone are the days when real estate SEO was all about keyword density. In fact, you may find that if you haven’t adjusted your website content you may actually be taking a hit on the search engines for this, so it is well worth a quick review.

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