What Can a Chiropractor Do For My Neck Pain?

People who have never experienced ongoing neck pain don’t understand how it can affect so many everyday tasks. While you could take medication to lessen the pain, why not find a way to make it go away? A chiropractor can do quite a bit about Chicago neck pain, depending on the reason behind the discomfort. Here are three approaches that are often used to provide patients with relief and work toward resolving the underlying cause.

Soft Tissue Therapy is an Option

The chiropractor may decide that beginning with soft tissue therapy as a way to isolate the origin of the pain. For this approach, the chiropractor will use a series of instruments that make it possible to identify the points where the muscle tension is the greatest. In some cases, this therapy will help to loosen tight muscles and decrease the level of neck pain by a noticeable amount.

Manual Joint Stretching May Be the Answer

Joint stretching may also help to alleviate the Chicago neck pain since the process can take pressure off the muscles and calm any inflammation that’s present. The stretching also helps to bring the neck back into proper alignment with the shoulders. If the lack of alignment is what led to the original muscle tension, the relief will be quickly felt.

Therapeutic Massage to Release Tension

Some form of therapeutic massage may also help ease the tension in the neck muscles as well as the shoulders and upper back. This may be coupled with deep tissue massage depending on how the patient responds. There’s a good chance of walking into the clinic with a lot of Chicago neck pain and leaving in a much more comfortable state.

If you are living with neck pain, why not see if something can be done to make it go away permanently? Schedule an appointment and see what some kind of chiropractic treatment can accomplish. Once you realize how much it helps, you will be back again.

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