What are Local SEO Services in Plymouth MN?

Local SEO services in Plymouth MN is the key to driving local customers right to your front door. More people than ever are finding local businesses via their smartphones on the run. Whether you have a product or service to sell local SEO services in Plymouth MN area is the way to attract more business.

The Statistics

According to one of the biggest search engines more than 46% of all searches are local searches. That means that people in your area that are looking for a business like yours are typing in a question and putting in a specific location. For example, “pizza in Plymouth MN”. 76% of consumers report that they have used a search engine in the last year to find local services! Local SEO is how search engines find your business to return to users that are searching for a business just like yours. More importantly statistics have shown that consumers that are doing a local search are readier to buy or make a buying decision.

Professional Support to Get on the SERPS 3 Pack

When a consumer is searching for a local business for products or services the page that is returned is called the SERP. For local searches the goal is to be listed in the “3-pack” on the SERP. That is the three top names that are listed on the return page. Studies indicate that consumers are more likely to choose the business that is returned closest to the top of the list. An experienced local SEO company can help to get your business near the top of the returns.

Give Your Business an Advantage

Adapta Interactive Inc specializes in local SEO. They can help your business have the competitive edge it needs to attract local business.

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