wCooling Off: Basic Types Of Air Conditioners

In some parts of North America, getting air conditioning (A/C) is a fact of life. In the United States statistics indicate that around two-thirds of all residences have some form of AC. Many people embrace it as soon as the weather turns warm; others ignore what can happen until the heat of summer is upon them. By then, it may be too late. Air conditioning in Fairfield, Ohio is one way residents can help to survive those hot days when even the wind refuses to blow. The question is “What type of air conditioning you would prefer to install?”

Different Types of Air Conditioning

Arguably, there are two basic genres of air conditioners: those that cool the room and those that cool the residence or office structure. Within this framework, you find three basic types of air conditioning systems. These are:

  • Window units – common types found in older apartments although the latest models are quite portable and suitable for cooling down a single room

  • Split air – with an indoor and outdoor unit – they are ductless.

  • Central Air – designed to efficiently and effectively cool off an entire residence, apartment or office space

The various types can be put into place by professionals or the owners, depending upon the type in a variety of locations. These include the wall, the window, the ceiling or the floor.

Central Air and Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

When it comes to cooling down a residence, the two most popular types of air conditioning in Fairfield are central air and ductless mini split air conditioners.

  • Central Air: utilizes the existing heating duct system to cool down the residence. Drawing on a refrigeration process, a central air system reduces humidity. The result is a cool, humid free home or office

  • Mini Split Air Conditioners: These are small units usually added as part of a retrofit. They are small in size and cool off a zone or zones within the residence. They are very flexible where positioning is concerned. A professional can hang them on the walls, or place them flush with or suspended from a ceiling. An effective and efficient means of cooling, they have one drawback for some individuals. They are more expensive than central air

Making the Right Decision

When you decide to install or update your air conditioning, Fairfield professionals can help. Contact local HVAC experts to learn what may be suit your home, office or business as well as your pocketbook. It is the smart move to make.


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