Water treatment solutions

Without water, life on earth would not have been possible. However, nobody is entirely clear where it came from, and whatever the source, it’s not been topped up in the last few billion years. The amount of water on earth remains the same (or slightly less) as it was in the planet’s early, pre-human, days. Luckily it’s very easy to recycle but unfortunately that means a lot of contaminants get added during the process. In order to be safe to drink, domestic and commercial premises often find the need for water treatment systems, but how do you choose the right system?

The source of the problem

Water becomes contaminated by many substances and for many different reasons, which means there is no single water treatment system that can be applied in all situations. Commercial water treatment systems, like smaller scale domestic ones, should be tailored to account for the local and regional factors that affect the quality of available water. The first factor to consider, when choosing a commercial water treatment system is where the water is supplied from. Lake, river, groundwater or other sources may all present different challenges. In many cases, alongside harmful bacteria, organic matter will need to be removed from the water and this is usually the case when it comes to supplies from rivers or lakes.

Local factors

In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can provide information on potential local hazards. This information should be checked to ensure that any system you are planning to install can deal with the likely contaminants in the local supply. Most water treatment systems aim to address two specific issues; bacterial presence and organic matter. The two issues are dealt with in different ways; bacteria can be eliminated by adding ‘disinfectant’ substances, including chlorine and ozone, or by UV light processes. For organic matter, filters are normally required to treat and clear water. In many cases, both techniques will be used.

System supplies

An appropriate water treatment system for your location should be researched with commercial suppliers – preferably those with experience in different settings who can offer expert information on the best and most suitable type of water treatment solutions for your specific circumstances. Choosing a supplier is an important part of the process, especially for larger systems. Most water treatment solutions will require regular maintenance and replacement parts may be required. A supplier that can offer both is often the best choice.

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