Want to Impress Your Sweetheart?

Tips for Proposing:

It’s a big moment. You’ve done everything you can to prepare for this one moment. Unless everything is perfect, there’s always a chance that your sweetheart won’t be impressed, and the night can end in failure. To help ensure that your proposal goes according to plan, here are a few tips.

1. Find The Right Ring

Many proposals center around a ring. With tons of suppliers of fashion jewelry in Indiana out there and so many different styles, it can be difficult to know which one your sweetheart would like. One way to understand what style she likes is to take her shopping for less expensive rings. These are tokens of affection. It’s best to do this a few months before you propose, so she doesn’t expect anything. Take a close look at what kind of fashion jewelry in Indiana she is drawn to and enjoys. When it comes down to you to pick a ring, you’ll have a good database to draw back on for your selection.

2. Make It Personal

No one really likes a cookie-cutter proposal. You see them all the time on TV shows and movies. To make her feel special, you need to make it personal. Spend the day doing something that you both enjoy. Work with others to set the perfect scene and make the moment both surprising and memorable. The more personal the proposal is, the more likely she is to say yes.

3. Be Vulnerable

This is your time to express just how much you care about her. While you should save some material for the vows during the wedding ceremony, this is an opportunity to bare your heart to her.

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