Using Intrusion Detection Tools

If you’re familiar with IT security, then you will understand the need for intrusion detection tools for your network. Regardless of whether you are working in a small firm, a medium-sized one, or a large corporation, the basic fact remains the same: beefing up your network security will pay off in the end. By having strong security measures in place, you will be able to keep your company files safe and ensure that no information will fall into the hands of the wrong people.

Cyber crime has existed for almost as long as the Internet has. It has been on the rise steadily over the past decade. Many companies had not paid enough attention to the security of their networks, resulting in breaches and in information getting stolen.

What are Intrusion Detection Tools?
No network is ever safe from attacks. It pays to be able to detect breaches earlier so you will be able to plan a course of action as well. This is where intrusion detection tools come in. The name of such devices or programs can be named by its explanation, quite simply. These detection tools will run monitoring activities on the network and system. When there are intrusion attempts that have been detected, these tools will then record the attempts and send off a report to the management station. Some of these intrusion detection systems are equipped with prevention systems that aim to stop the intrusion. However, these features are not required or expected with the basic monitoring system.

Intrusion detection tools are also able to pinpoint problems on security policies, note down existing threats, and put up measures to deter individuals from going against the security policies that are in place.

Different Types of Intrusion Detection Tools
There are basically three types of intrusion detection tools that work on their respective systems in order to identify when there has been an intrusion: network, host-based, and stack-based. These differ in the location of the sensors and in how the network is monitored.

Network Intrusion Detection Tools
Network intrusion detection tools are independent platforms that take note of intrusions by monitoring network traffic and multiple hosts. These tools access network traffic by connecting to a network hub, network switch, or network tap. The sensors are often installed onto choke points on the monitored network.

Host-based Intrusion Detection Tools
These tools are comprised of an agent that is on a host that analyzes application logs, system calls, and file-system modifications. The sensor is usually a software agent.

Stack-based Intrusion Detection Tools
These systems detect intrusion by examining the packets of information as they pass through the TCP/IP stack. Because of this, the implementation of such tools are dependent on the operating system that is being used.

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