Using an Air Conditioning Repair Company Can Be Best for Pre Season Maintenance Work

To ensure a home stays cool all summer long it is important that each year before the unit be put back in use, it is inspect for damage and maintenance work is completed on it. In doing this a home owner will be able to feel confident the system will run all summer without too many repair issues. While some home owners may choose to handle this pre-season work on their own, it is a good idea to have professionals from an Air conditioning repair company perform the work at least every two years.

Often the first thing that a technician will want to do when they begin maintenance on an air conditioning system is to clean it. This can be very important not only to make it easier to see the various components on the system but also to make sure the unit runs efficiently during the upcoming season. A repair person from an Air conditioning repair company generally can complete this task by using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle attachment. This will allow them to get into most of the areas of the unit. For grilles and vents, a stiff brush may be used. After the unit is cleaned, the filter will often be inspected and replaced if necessary.

The motor on the unit will need to be inspected to ensure it is in good working order and that the connections to the unit are secure. The electric lines that power the unit should be checked for damage or rodent activity. This is important as damaged lines can result in sparks that might damage the unit or even start a fire. If the motor has oil ports, it will need to have oil added to help keep the bearings moving smoothly. New motors will not have oil ports since their bearings are sealed and do not require this.

The fan and fan belt should also be checked and replaced if they show signs of damage or deterioration. The fan should be cleaned with the brush and the pathway it uses during rotation should be cleaned to make sure it can move freely. The tension on the fan belt should be checked and adjusted of necessary. This technician will be able to adjust this by loosening the mounting bolts on the motor and shifting it until the fan belt has the proper tension.

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