Using A Broken Link Finder To Improve SEO

If you have a website you have probably heard or read of the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Years ago this used to relate to keyword density and use, but now it is measured using a range of different indexes or methods. While it is easy to find out how to boost SEO, you may be surprised to find how not using some things, like a broken link finder, can damage your rankings.

What is a Broken Link?

In a website, blog or even a guest article post you may backlink or hyperlink to your sales page, services page or to another informative page. Ideally you carefully select your links, and backlinks, to help to get people to move to your website and to related pages within a website.

When these hyperlinks don’t work, or don’t connect to the site, they are called a broken link. If you don’t use a tool that acts as an automatic broken link finder you have to check them all manually or rely on a user to notify you that the link isn’t working.

The Impact of Using a Broken Link Finder

If you aren’t using a broken link finder then the search engines, specifically the search engines spiders, cannot get from one website to another. Anytime you link to your website, or another website, and that link fails, the search engine spider just stops.

On the other hand when you use a broken link finder on a regular basis all links will be functioning correctly. The search engine spiders can move from one site to the linked site, boosting the search engine ranking for both sites.

The Dreaded 404 Error

Another factor to keep in mind with search engine rankings is that a user returning to your site boosts your search engine ranking. When readers click on a link and get a 404 error or other error message they are much less likely to continue reading and most certainly less likely to return.

Using a broken link finder to boost your standing with any search engine is a simple, low cost and very low effort choice. These services are utilized by most major internet site, so why not use them for your benefit as well?

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