Use An Ice Luge In Long Island, NY To Decorate A Dining Room Table

A luge is a decorative ice product that can be used as a centerpiece during a social function. If an event is being held to honor the president of a large corporation, the individual who is responsible for decorating for the gathering can use an ice luge in Long Island, NY to improve the appearance of the main dining room table being used to serve food by completing the project that follows.


  • tablecloth
  • ice luge
  • waterproof platter
  • dinnerware
  • utensils and plates
  • drop light
  • appetizers
  • tongs
  • serving dish

Order A Custom Luge

An Business Name can be engraved so that it contains a specific design, words, or picture. Before ordering a luge, take into consideration the type of dinnerware and utensils that will be used to set the table. If a tablecloth is used to cover a table, its colors and patterns should complement the luge.

People can order a luge online, or they can visit Business Name or another ice distributor to view example luges and discuss the type of luge that is desired. After picking up a finished luge, the ice should be stored inside of a freezer compartment so that the ice doesn’t melt before a social gathering.

Prepare A Dining Area

A tablecloth and place settings should be added to the main dining room table. A waterproof platter needs to be placed in the center of a table before setting a luge on top of the platter. The platter will prevent moisture from coming into contact with the top of a table.

A drop light can be hung over a luge so that attention is drawn to the ice sculpture. If appetizers are going to be served before a meal, and the food items need to be chilled, they can be displayed on top of a luge. Colorful food items will enhance the beauty of an ice sculpture and may entice guests who attend a social gathering. A serving dish and tongs can be placed next to a luge so that guests can collect food items that they wish to eat.

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