Understanding Programs At Your English School In Miami

Every year business professionals, students and those interested in learning another language attend an English school in Miami. For some students, who are often adult learners, this may be their first exposure to the English language. For other students it may be to become more comfortable with conducting business in English. Yet other students may be attending an English school in Miami to learn more about the language to be able to attend a college or university in the United States or another English speaking country.

Regardless of the reasons for attending, choosing an English school in Miami that offers a range of different programs is important. This allows you to be matched with a program that suits your English learning goals and needs as well as your current level of comfort with the language.

A top English school in Miami will always provide a free evaluation of your current English skills. This allows you to be placed in the correct program to maximize your success with the language. The program will also reflect your goals with English language learning so you have the skills you need when you complete the program.

Beginner Programs at an English School in Miami

These programs are designs for people with little or no experience with the English language. They will cover conversational English as well as writing, vocabulary and grammar. English irregularities and phrases will be discussed with the students so they can carry on a basic conversation in all types of settings.

Intermediate Programs

Building on the beginner programs offered at the English school in Miami these programs go beyond the basics. Students will gain greater understanding of vocabulary, language use and specifics for the English language.

Advanced Programs

Advanced programs require a strong foundation in writing, speaking, reading and understanding English. From this the class builds towards advanced concepts such as business communication and academic use of the language. This is the program most often required by business professionals and is a must for students that need to complete the TOEFL to gain admission into US based institutes of higher learning.

The English school in Miami that you choose may also offer other programs. These can include private tutoring, TOEFL and TEFL exam prep programs and Intensive English training.

Florida English Center is a well-recognized English school in Miami that provides a range of different course options and levels.

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