Types of Travel Trailers in Des Moines IA

As the cost of hotel rooms continue to rise, many are discovering the fun and adventure of vacationing in a travel trailer. If you think of camping and picture a small tent in the woods, you should learn more about what travel trailers have to offer. There are a number of travel trailers in Des Moines IA that can provide all the comforts of home and make your trip a real pleasure.

There are several types of travel trailers available. The first consideration in choosing one should be what kind of vehicle you have to tow with. Find out what weight your vehicle is rated for before you start to look. Also consider the number of people that would normally be traveling with you to be sure that you are choosing a travel trailer with enough room for everyone.

One of the smallest and most convenient types of travel trailer is the folding camping trailer, or the pop-up camper as some people call it. They are very lightweight so you do not need a large vehicle to tow them and they fold flat when not in use. They range in size from 8-24 feet and can normally sleep eight people comfortably. They have a number of options available such as attached outdoor grills, kitchens and refrigerators inside and some models can be equipped with toilet and shower facilities inside.

A conventional travel trailer is a pull behind trailer that can range in size from 12-35 feet. Larger models can add considerable weight, so you made need a larger vehicle to pull one of them. They can sleep up to ten people and normally have a full kitchen and bathroom inside. In some models there is even a door on the bedroom for privacy if you are traveling with children.

If you are considering purchasing travel trailers in Des Moines IA the best thing to do is go to a dealer like Imperial RV Center and look at the models you are considering in person. This will give you the best idea of available features and a feel for the size that you are most comfortable with.

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