Types Of Los Angeles Drug Addiction Treatment

Every individual is different with regards to his or her unique needs from a Los Angeles drug addiction treatment program. While this is certainly true, there are some important considerations when making a choice between the different programs out there.

Many people with addictions go into Los Angeles drug addiction treatment with less than a full commitment to recovery. Many people assume they can learn to cut back or to use in moderation, which is simply not the case. Those with addictions will need to learn to abstain, but also to learn about the very real risk of simply transferring the addiction to another substance.

The key in finding the right Los Angeles drug addiction treatment is to be honest with yourself, something that can be very difficult while using. The drugs and the alcohol do have an impact on higher order thinking skills and have caused changes in brain chemistry that cause cravings and lead to relapse. This is why simply going “cold turkey” is rarely a successful long or short-term treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction.


Almost all people participating in either an inpatient or an intensive outpatient Los Angeles drug addiction treatment program will need first to complete a detox. Most people can complete detox within a program, but some may need a more intensive medically-supported detox to address health issues or significant withdrawals.


Once detox is completed, many clients will remain within the facility to do a 30, 60 or 90-day residential or inpatient Los Angeles drug addiction treatment program. This offers a completely controlled environment with individual therapy, alternative treatment options, education, family support and group counseling and processes to educate, treat and prepare the individual for success after program completion.

Clients will live in the program and will have regularly scheduled classes, activities and professional services geared to their own unique and individualized treatment plan.

Intensive Outpatient

With intensive outpatient Los Angeles drug addiction treatment, the client will continue to live at home after completing detox. However, the client will participate daily in counseling, family groups, educational sessions and group process to support a drug-free life. For many people outpatient treatment combined with staying in a sober living facility is a transition program to living in their own home and attending regular community-based support groups.

For most people with addictions, a residential Los Angeles drug addiction treatment program will be the best first step. This allows you to develop a strong foundation of understanding of yourself and the addiction, providing the tools needed to handle life without relapse.

At Pax House, we offer our clients a range of Los Angeles drug addiction treatment programs to meet their individual needs. To learn more see us at website.

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