Types of Chafing Fuel Burners

If you’re like many caterers, you want to have the right equipment to do your job effectively. Most people don’t worry so much about the chafing fuel burners and focus primarily on the fuel itself. While it is important that you choose something that is safe and non-toxic, the art of selecting the right fuel is likely in the burner you choose. Some burners have a plain design, similar to that you’d find on top of a stove. While they can be effective, they rarely give you enough room for the burner, the dish, and the heat source.

Chafing fuel burners can range in style and size, but your ultimate goal is to find one that fits well within a system. Most people choose wick or gel fuel pots for the burners, but these can be dangerous. If it overturns or gets too hot, it could cause a fire or worse. Instead, you need to consider using a system that has everything you need. The burner itself should reduce carbon emissions, have non-toxic fumes, and reduce waste. Along with such, it can be used with the appropriate serving dishes to enhance the look of the overall setup so that you have something that looks amazing on the table. It’s more presentable, so guests are more relaxed and happy.

EcoBurner has a variety of products designed to help you. The chafing fuel burners it offers is very safe because it has a patented safety device to ensure that it stays cool, even if you touch it. Plus, it can automatically shut itself off if it gets too hot or gets knocked over. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spillage. While there is no noticeable flame, the inner part of the product turns red to let you know it’s working, which makes it safe for any event or situation.

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