Tips to Make Moving in Wilmington Stress-Free

If you’re planning on Moving in Wilmington, it’s time to begin your preparations now, as there is no time like the present. Waiting until the last minute will only result in your rushing around, getting last minute quotes, settling on someone who may not be reliable and paying higher prices than you should.


While you may end up selecting the first person you receive a quote from, leave yourself open to several possibilities from which to choose. Call on at least three companies to give you a quote on moving your items. However, don’t trust any company who offers to give you a quote over the phone without visually inspecting all of your belongings. By starting your preparations ahead of time, you will have enough time to call multiple companies and have them visit your home. Be sure to show them all your items, from attic to basement, garage to storage room.


By planning ahead of time, you can arrange for boxes and begin packing well in advance. The last the thing you want to be doing is still throwing things into boxes as the movers are moving things out. You also don’t want to have clothes in garbage bags stuffed in crevices of the moving truck, because sure enough, it will rain and the truck will leak. Instead, buy wardrobe boxes for your clothes, double wall boxes for your dishes and packing paper for your glasses. Additionally, bubble wrap is a wise investment for wrapping your breakable items.


When you hire professionals, let them do the heavy work. They’re paid to pick up the heavy stuff and tote it out the doors, so let them. You, on the other hand, should stay out of the way. Arrange for children and animals to be kept elsewhere for the day and you should be off to the side with bottled water and pizza, and that’s the extent of it. Have essential items packed in a small box to tote in your car, full of items you will certainly need immediately, such as one or two glasses, a couple of plates and settings of silverware, toothbrush and paste, and a change of clothes.

By planning ahead and calling expert movers such as Superior Moving and Storage, you can ensure you have a stress-free move.

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