Tips to Buy Cash for Gold

Selling and pawning jewelry or unused precious metal objects is sometimes necessary if stuck in a hard financial situation. However, knowing when to sell gold can be much better than simply pawning it at the nearest shop. This article offers some suggestions and tips for selling gold to such shops.

Before procuring cash for gold, there are a few important rules to follow. One should find a trusted company that has a business license and has been around for plenty of years. After choosing a reputable shop, research the estimated worth of all items that people plan to sell. To conduct the research properly, one has to learn the per gram, per karat market value and confirm the total weight of one’s gold. Always ask questions about the buyer’s method of pricing the karat value. In a reputable shop, customers can watch the jeweler weigh the gold and confirm the total weight. The gemstones, found in many pieces of jewelry, are not included in the total price. Because of this, customers can ask to have the gemstones removed so as to keep the stones. Another option is to price a quote separate from the gold to see what the jewel is valued at. For special heirlooms, check out the re-sale price as well as that of recycled gold.

Many people choose to buy cash for gold through online companies to reduce the hassle of going to an in store location. If they choose to do so, they should be sure to call the company and speak to a real person and ask the same questions as listed above. By interviewing the shop, the customer ensures that the online company is not a scam or cover for a seedy organization that simply takes people’s gold without giving them money for it. The Sam Light Loan Company, which received the Best Pawn Shop award in 2003 from the River Front Times, located in St. Louis, Missouri is just one example of a reputable store with a respectable reputation. This company prides itself on having a secure online website with which to pay off loans.


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