Tips for Choosing Palm Tree Services in Anaheim

When caring for any kind of tree, hiring a professional tree service is always a better route than taking a DIY approach. After all, each species requires a different type of care, and many of the tasks associated with planting, maintaining, and removing trees can be dangerous for property owners who don’t know what they’re doing. Choosing the right company is already a difficult task, but when readers must choose which Palm Tree Services in Anaheim to entrust with caring for their palm trees, finding the right company is absolutely essential.

Specialized Services

Not all tree companies know how to care for palm trees. Unlike most of the deciduous and evergreen trees that grow in California, palm trees require periodic skimming to reduce rodent and insect problems, protect the health of the trees, and improve their appearance. This task should only be entrusted to a company that has dedicated experience maintaining palm trees.

Up-to-Date Insurance

It’s important to work with a company that has up-to-date insurance policies. Property owners who choose to work with contractors who don’t carry both liability and workers compensation insurance can find themselves responsible for both property damage and job site injuries, which can cost a small fortune to resolve. Those who want to be particularly conscientious can verify proof of workers compensation insurance with the state in addition to asking to see certificates of insurance.

Written Contracts

It’s never wise to allow work to get started without first obtaining a written contract. This document should include the project’s anticipated start and completion dates, a description of the specific kinds of work that will be performed, and the exact cost of the work. Even with a contract, property owners should never make large payments upfront and should not expect to make final payments until the jobs have been completed.

Get Started Today

Need to find Palm Tree Services in Anaheim and don’t want to get stuck working with a less-than-professional contractor? Check out Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc online today to learn about one well-respected local company that can help. They offer everything from palm tree skinning and removal to stump grinding, yard cleanup, and more so readers can be confident they’ll be getting their money’s worth. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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