Tips for Choosing Home Floor Plans

A home’s layout is probably one of the most significant choices a person will make when they’re buying a new home. Whether it’s a condo or a house being built from the ground up, the floor plan will depend largely upon a family’s lifestyle. Below are five tips to help home buyers choose the right plan for their families.

Tailor the Floor Plan to the Family’s Lifestyle

Open plans have their pros and cons, but there are other factors to consider. Room layout is important, especially for families with small children. Most families with youngsters like to have private areas, such as bedrooms, grouped in one part of the home while families with teenagers prefer to have separation between bedrooms.

Entertaining Habits

Many new homes’ Floor Plans are focused on welcoming guests as they enter the home. For instance, an expansive foyer that opens into a spacious dining and living area is perfect for entertaining. However, if a family is more private, they may opt for a plan with a formal living room.

How Many Stories?

Most families prefer single-story homes for the lack of overhead traffic. Ranch-style homes usually have public areas in the center, and bedrooms & bathrooms are toward the outside of the floor plan. Multi storey homes give buyers the benefit of a great view, instead of seeing inside a neighbor’s home. These homes give each member of the family plenty of space and privacy, much more so than single-story homes can provide.

Accessibility Features

Whether an elderly family member lives in the home or children need more space to run around, accessibility should be considered when a floor plan is chosen. Older homes have narrow doorways and hallways, and shorter door heights. Families should keep this in mind if they like a particular home, but anticipate changes in their needs.

Outdoor Living Areas

Most new homes’ Floor Plans include outdoor leisure areas. Whether it’s a pool, lanai or porch, families should consider their outdoor habits when choosing a floor plan. Outdoor areas look great when they’re well-maintained, but they can look horrible when they’re not well kept. When considering home layouts, families should ensure that they can handle the responsibility of outdoor maintenance.

Choosing a plan for a new home can be frustrating, but it can be fun as well. By assessing their needs and preferences, families can find their dream home with easier than they ever thought possible. You can also find them on Facebook.

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