Three Tips on Maximizing a Digital Waiver Inside Your USA Club

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Software

If you operate an axe throwing club, technology can help protect you with digital waivers for axe throwing. There are customizable templates available that make the process easy, and the system merges with other tools.


Each club may want to highlight a different piece of a waiver for specific events. Managers can put together team digital releases for throwing competitions. If you are synced into a booking system, like Bookeo, you can collect the signatures through those portals and email managers, such as MailChimp. When selecting a waiver partner, look for one that offers technical support and a free trial. You can get the most out of this liability protection tool with the proper assistance.


Some advanced services ensure customers using digital waivers for axe throwing get additional perks, such as text messages about upcoming events and thank you notes. If you want to get some feedback, configure a review to go along with the thank you. You can create many tasks that serve double duty through a customizable system. You can decide how to interact with your clients by making initial spaces and checkboxes. It is just as easy to make yes and no questions, which you can use to identify minors or other interests.


As you build your business, storing documents will become cumbersome but necessary. A third-party secure storage house is included in some digital waiver plans. They are easy for you to access. For more details on digital waivers for axe throwing, contact eWaiverPro Digital Waivers at their website.

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