Three Reasons for Adults to Schedule a First Visit to the Orthodontist

While most people associate orthodontic care as something that is done during their teenager years, there are many adult patients who go to an orthodontist. You may have had braces in the past, or you may have had a fine bite years ago, but changes have caused new problems to develop. Are you a Palm Coast resident? Consider these top three reasons why you should schedule a consultation with an orthodontist in Palm Coast as an adult patient.

Your Wisdom Teeth Came in
Some people have wisdom teeth that are slow to erupt. While these third molars usually come in around the late teen years, they may not fully erupt until your mid-20s. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, they might have pushed your other teeth out of place, giving you a less than perfect smile. You may need orthodontic work in order to correct problems caused by your wisdom teeth.

New Headaches or Face Pain
Headaches and face pain have a lot of causes. One of the possible causes is a misaligned bite. If you are not chewing properly, your temporomandibular joint may become painful. You may notice headaches around your temples. Your jaws might click. An orthodontic evaluation is a good idea if you have headaches or face pain without a hormonal or neurological cause.

Your Bite Has Shifted
You may have had braces in the past, but your teeth could have shifted out of place. Even if you still have a retainer, it is possible for your bite to change after several decades. Another reason why an adult should visit an orthodontist in Palm Coast is if your bite had a mild problem that was not corrected, but now that misalignment is causing you to experience pain. Your new bite may also make it difficult to speak properly, bite or chew your food.

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