The Womens Center: Protecting the Health of All Women

Health Clinics and family planning centers like the Womens Center are a valuable resource for women all across the United States. They can provide a wealth of knowledge and emotional support along with their medical care. Any woman who is in need of medical help should find their local center immediately.

Free Service

Many of the services these clinics offer are free. This includes a free pregnancy test, counseling regarding pregnancy and abortion options and a free ultrasound for women who are pregnant. Financing is available for their other services and the staff can help you to understand the options and resources available to you.


All personal information regarding your use of birth control, current health and any pregnancy or termination of one is kept strictly confidential. The only time these privacy laws do not apply is in the instance of someone who is potentially suicidal or when child abuse is suspected.

Family Planning

They can provide birth control options for pregnancy prevention but will also counsel you on the options available should an unplanned pregnancy occur. These can include helping to advise you through your pregnancy, providing information regarding abortion options and even offering adoption referrals. All choices are left up to you and no pressure is ever given for anyone to make a particular decision.

Same Day Appointments

When you think you might be pregnant, you do not want to sit around wondering about it. The sooner you know, the better. Some treatment options require a fast response. This is why the Womens Center offers same day appointments.

A pregnancy will not go away on its own and birth control can be about more than just preventing pregnancy, but also preserving your health and possibly even saving your life. You just need to remember that are never alone. There are people who are willing to help and who want to be there for you during what can be a very challenging time. They have served tens of thousands of women in their comfortable and secure clinics. There are multiple clinics located around the city to make them easier for everyone to be able to take advantage of their services. Follow us on twitter!


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