The Various Types Of Basement Windows

Regardless of whether you are currently building a new house, remodeling or installing replacement windows in the basement you will normally have a choice between three basic designs. The windows that are used extensively in basements are hopper, sliding and awning windows. There are specialized options such as bubble windows that can be used along with most designs.

Of the three basic designs the most popular is the hopper window in Honolulu HI; this type of window has a hinge at the bottom of the frame, the window tilts inwards from the top to open. These design demands that the window screen be installed on the outside of the frame otherwise the screen would also tilt meaning there would not protection from insects. A hopper basement window is the least costly of the three and offers an extensive range of size options.

As the name suggests; slider windows open and close by sliding from one side to the other. Slider windows are also called glider windows, these windows are ideal for larger sized windows or in installations where there is insufficient room for the installation of a hopper Design Window in Honolulu HI. The screen on a sliding type window can be either on the inside or the outside of the frame although outside installation of the screen is the normal choice. Slider type windows are less expensive than the third type, awing basement windows.

In the majority of situations an awning type basement window will be the most expensive; however they are more contemporary in design and offer considerably more features than the basic hopper or slider window. Awning windows are the window of choice in areas that get a lot of rain; they are also commonly used in bathrooms as they afford considerable privacy.

An awning window is hinged at the top of the frame and opens by swinging out at the bottom; the operating method is similar to a fabric awning after which the design was named. As this type of window tilts outward, the opening angle can be adjusted to allow for ventilation even if it is pouring rain. In this case, as the window opens towards the outside, the screen is on the inside.

Many basement windows are actually below grade therefore there must be a well. In many cases the window well will be fitted with a bubble or dome shaped plastic cover. The bubble protects the basement window in Honolulu HI from dirt, debris and animals as well as a preventative measure against falling into the window well.

An awning window in Honolulu HI offers the homeowner a number of benefits; full ventilation regardless of the weather, secure, easy to operate and available in various custom sizes. To discuss awning windows for your home you are invited to contact CCC; Custom Contractors, Inc. Click here to know more.

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