The Services that are Offered by a Dentist in La Grange KY

Dental health care should be a priority for every family. Sadly besides the many efforts that are being made to promote good dental health thousands of people are still suffering from issues like cavities, gum disease and other oral diseases. To maintain good dental health, you need to get a competent Dentist in La Grange KY. Here are a few of the services that they offer.

Dealing with tooth decay

Tooth decay starts with something as simple as eating a sugary snack and failing to brush your teeth after. A coating that is known as plaque forms on the teeth, and this is acted on by the bacteria in the mouth to form some kind of acid. Dental toothpaste is normally basic to counteract this base. This is why when you fail to brush your teeth after eating sugary and starchy foods, the acid starts eating away at your tooth forming cavities.

There are several ways in which a dentist can deal with cavities. The method that a dentist decides to use depends on the level of decay that has been caused by the cavity. If the cavity is just forming, he could recommend a filing and a strengthening toothpaste. However, if the pulp cavity is affected and you are getting a toothache, they will perform a root canal. Here, all the infected tissue in the cavity of the tooth is removed. The tooth is then sterilized and finally sealed. If the cavity has affected the roots, the tooth may have to be extracted altogether.

Tooth loss

There are a number of things that lead to complete tooth loss. The most common include trauma to the face, gum diseases and tooth decay. When a permanent tooth is lost, the only way it can be replaced is by getting implants or making use of dentures. Implantation dentistry deals with implanting titanium roots on to the jawbone, attaching stumps on to these roots and then using crowns.

All these are services that a Dentist in La Grange KY can offer. They also offer corrective procedures such as teeth whitening and straightening, veneers, binding and Invisalign.

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