The Romance Of French Doors

There is something classic yet romantic about French Doors. It may be the way they are designed. It could be the association with Royalty and wealth. Whatever the reason, French Doors continually remind people of a past where elegance and grace were the calling cards of fine architecture.

A Brief History of French Doors
The origins of French doors cannot be traced to a single individual. It is usually considered to be the development of a nation – France, and an architectural style – Renaissance. Yet, the doors owe much to the Italians. It is believed that the concept was influenced by what was soon to take over the world – Italian Renaissance Architecture. France had been heavily involved in the Great Italian Wars (1494-1559) of the 16th century.

What particularly had an effect on the creation of the French Doors was the mantra of Renaissance Art – symmetry and light. The reliance by all members of society on natural light also played a strong role in the specific elements that went into the design. The French Renaissance (16th to early 17th centuries) sought to combine elegant esthetics with the need for light. It also utilized the increased accessibility of glass. Although expensive and difficult to move, glass became favored by many of the aristocrats – first in France and then across Europe into Britain and overseas to North America. In these countries, they first served as the doors to balconies – another reason for that association with romance.


The design of French Doors also relates to the principles and expense of glass. At first only small pieces of glass were used with mullions added in between the panes. As was typical of the times, the mullions and doors frames were constructed of wood or wrought iron. They provided the French Doors, often called French Windows with strength and looks.

As technology and materials advanced, the windows began to displace more of the wooden frame. Glass panels became embedded into the structure of the French Doors. This increased the ability to let in natural light. The frames now could be made of steel, aluminum and PVC. Yet, wooden French Doors have continued to remain popular.

French Doors have always that certain aesthetic appeal. Today, they do not merely lead to balconies but can open onto a patio or an interior room. But always, their style, elegance and sensibility grant them a sense of romance that is lacking in many door styles.

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