The Pros And Cons Of CD And DVD Duplication For Your Music

While more and more people are turning to downloaded music, the need for actual physical copies of your music and music performances in the form of CDs and DVDs is still important. CD and DVD duplication needs to be done professionally if you want to ensure the best possible product that is literally an exact replica or your original recording.

As a performer or as an agent you want to be able to provide the highest quality of sound at a price that you can afford. Depending on the number of copies that you need and the actual sound quality that you are comfortable with CD and DVD duplication or replication may be the best possible option.

The CD and DVD Duplication Process

Duplication of either CDs or DVDs may also be known by the less formal term “burning”. In this method a blank disc that has a coating of light sensitive dye, known as photoresist material, is placed into a CD drive. A laser light contained within the drive, which is either an ultraviolet or blue laser, creates pits and lands (or bumps and flat spaces) that the CD or DVD player is then able to read to create the sound or image.

The result of burning a CD and DVD for duplication results in a slight loss of sound quality but, with new technology, this is typically very minimal and often impossible to detect. The quality of the equipment used for this type of CD and DVD duplication is critical to a top quality end product.


Replication of a CD and DVD is a different process. Instead of basically burning the data into the photoresist material, the data is literally stamped, in one operation, onto the surface of the disc. This results in a highly accurate copy of the original that is virtually identical to the quality of the original. Replication is a more complex process and is more costly, however the quality is the best possible.

Choosing between CD and DVD duplication or replication depends on your budget, the quality required for the copies and the specific needs you have for the final copy. Talking to a professional CD and DVD media service can help you to understand which option is best for your requirements.

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