The Process of Creating Impruneta Terracotta Pots

Among the people from the country of Italy, discussions about terra cotta pottery inevitably brings up the elite members of the group. Impruneta terra cotta pots are the best which Italy has to offer in reputation and value, as the superior quality of these products is not disputable. The rich history of their origins, the raw materials used in their creation and the masterful process by which they are fired, all contribute to the glowing reputation which has been built up and remained untarnished for centuries.

The Beginnings of Impruneta Terracotta

The history of Impruneta Terracotta pots goes back to early Etruscan settlements in the beginning of the 1300’s. Master craftsmen of the time used the unique clay found in the Tuscan region to create a wide variety of useful and decorative terra cotta products. Roof tiles, bricks, pillars and other architectural products along with tubs, planters, vases and pots were made superior through the use of this new technique and material.

Centuries of High End Products and the Reputation That Followed

Early on, experimentation with ways to improve the quality and aesthetic value of these terra cotta products yielded improvements which were passed down through the generations for hundreds of years. This is how the reputation of Impruneta terra cotta pots was established and carried forward. Early artisans in the pottery trade learned that higher firing temperatures produced pots which were more resistant to the relentless effects of the elements. While lower quality terra cotta products quickly succumb to these factors, Impruneta has made its mark as the most durable.

Modern Production of Impruneta Terracotta Pots

Only clay from the soil near the Tuscan village of Impruneta is used in the creation of an authentic piece. The stony quality of the clay found in this particular area sets the stage for a stronger end product. The creation process involves hand molding the clay into plaster cases and the air holes which naturally form during this process are allowed to remain; this makes the finished product more porous, so it is able to breathe and any freezing water can escape without damaging the structure of the pot. Any designs for the pot are added prior to firing, so they are a part of the entire structure and not added on after the fact. The drying process can take up to four weeks and the pots are turned by hand. The finished Impruneta terra cotta pot is guaranteed to be resistant to frost and the effects of ocean air for periods longer than 20 years.

From start to finish, the process of creating Impruneta terra cotta pots is lengthy and requires a good amount of handling time as well as expertise. This is one of the reasons why these superior high end pots are among the most prized. For more information about Impruneta terra cotta pots and how to obtain one, check in with the experts found at the Eye of the Day Garden Design Center.



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