The Potential Consequences of Skipping Bail in Clearwater, Florida

Accidents happen. Even for important obligations, people inevitably don’t show up despite having agreed to appear. People who are granted pretrial release and ultimately get released via bail bondsman assistance and end up missing court aren’t viewed kindly by courts. Here are the most likely outcomes of skipping bail.

Bounty Hunters Could Track Defendants Down

In Florida, although bail bondsmen can’t hire independent bounty hunters, bondsmen are legally given the ability to locate clients who’ve skipped bail, apprehend them, and take them to appropriate jails. After missing just one court date, providers of bail bonds in Clearwater, FL, are able to pursue this route, though it’s usually reserved for violent offenders with long records and expensive bail amounts.

Rescheduling May Happen, Though Bondsmen Must Ask

Court is serious business. Pretrial release is a privilege afforded by courts across the nation – again, it’s a privilege and defendants must agree to strict rules before being released. Due to the gravity of skipping bail, rescheduling court dates can usually only happen after bondsmen who represent defendants formally file motions for rescheduling in court.

Usually, Bondsmen Work with Clients

While courts generally aren’t this nice, bondsmen usually offer a day-long grace period following the time the defendant was required to appear in court. Hunting down people is risky and expends valuable resources, not to mention adds stress to employees’ workloads. These all guide bondsmen to upholding policies whereby they work with clients as opposed to ruling with an iron fist.

Good Service Is This Bondsman’s Gimmick

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