The Need for Land Surveyors Round Rock

Land surveyors have been an integral part of society since ancient days, when the Mesopotamian and Egyptians were building large monuments. After them, the Romans were the next civilization to really improve upon the trade and upgrade the techniques. Everyone from Napoleon to the great kings of Britain have utilized land surveyors to build their great monuments. In fact Land Surveyors were one of the earliest professions to require licenses. Even Civil engineers must have good knowledge of land surveying.

Tools used to measure have included chains, compasses, telescopes with a theodolite (disc atop), calibrated circles, and verniers, which measure the degrees. Then an altimeter, commonly called a barometer is used to determine height. These tools were actually very accurate. Land Surveyors Round Rock now use a GPS (Global Positioning System) to measure. The GPS works with satellites and are not as accurate, unless the measuring is needed for long distances. In the old days, before the GPS was invented, Land Surveyors used triangulation to determine distances between points. And maps were made using this technique. The accuracy of the measurements was ensured by doing the measuring repeatedly. For elevations recordings, a method called “turning” was used for capturing distances at alternative locations.

Land Surveyors Round Rock needs many licensed surveyors. Today, a degree in surveying is needed, along with experience and passing a series of exams. After attaining the degree and other requirements, the surveyors are licensed and may use the abbreviations P.L.S., P.S., L.S. R., L.S., R.P.L.S. or P.S.M to designate registration jurisdiction. Different states license processes vary. There are different types of surveyors today. Land and Building Surveyors may work for governments, private groups, or individuals. They also have their own professional organizations. Most people are familiar with land surveyors that they see on the streets using a tripod and other instruments measuring land or buildings at a distance. There are also a group of Surveyors used by governments for marking legal boundaries of property. They do cadastral surveys for descriptions of a deed for the owners.

Yes, surveying is a very old and respected profession. This job is not to be taken lightly and is certainly not an easy. It is a part of world history considered to be an art by many. Land Surveyors Round Rock will always need those who can do the job and enjoy it.

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