The Most Common Problems with Garage Doors

Most people don’t pay much attention to their garage doors in Melbourne, FL unless something goes wrong. Ensuring that major problems don’t occur is easier than you think. Just doing a visual inspection every month or two and lubricating the major parts twice a year makes a huge difference. However, problems do happen, and, in many cases, the same problems make up the bulk of issues.

Door Closing or Opening with a Thud

There are a few reasons why you may hear a thudding noise when you open or close the garage door. In a small garage, the torsion spring may have broken. For those with an extension spring system, one of the springs may have broken to cause this noise. This problem may also be caused by a lifting cable that has snapped, or that is close to breaking. If you look and see spring is broken, you will want to call a garage door technician as soon as possible.

Door Coming of the Hinges

In most cases, if the door comes off of the hinges, it is because one of the horizontal tracks is no longer aligned, the bolts holding the bracket are coming out, or the track end is coming loose. If the door has already fallen, the best thing to do is stay away from it and get in touch with a professional immediately. If the rollers are still aligned, make sure the bolts on the bracket are properly tightened.

Door Only Opens Part of the Time

If you’re having a problem where sometimes the door opens perfectly and other times it doesn’t want to open, there are two situations that might be causing it. The first is that your remote battery is low and should be replaced. The second, and less likely, is that you and someone nearby have the same opener that uses the same transmission code. If this is the case, switching one of the code buttons on the remote should resolve the issue.

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