The Many Tasks Of A Corporate Concierge

The tasks of a corporate concierge are very much akin to the tasks of a hotel concierge, in the case of the corporate individual he or she is mandated to look after the needs of business people and in the case of the hotel concierge, the tasks are focused on the hotel guests. A corporate concierge works with the corporate executive, management and senior employees, procuring the many services that they need to carry out their tasks efficiently so that they can focus on the tasks at hand. In many cases one of the primary functions of this person is to arrange Tampa airport car service from the office to the airport and normally upon return, from the airport to the individual’s home.

Although the position is dedicated to corporate needs the concierge is expected to do many things that one would expect of a hotel concierge; finding theatre tickets, tickets to sporting events, arranging for limo services and reserving tables at restaurants. Most large corporations have guests arriving continuously and it is in the best interest of the company to have a concierge available to arrange outings with the guests as well as offer their services directly.

Although it doesn’t happen every day, corporate concierges are tasked to find unusual services. These services may be arranging boat charters, private jet charters or even hot air balloon trips. A corporate concierge, like any dedicated employee prides himself or herself on finding and arranging anything that is feasible and legal.

As many corporate concierges are self employed, it takes extremely good organizational skills to serve the needs of a multitude of clients, to maintain satisfaction with all the clients, time management is of paramount importance. Although there may be a number of clients there are some demands that are predictable from them all, such as arranging Tampa airport car service and other transportation needs, often by limo.

Many clients return from a business trip tired and frustrated, the concierge must maintain professionalism is circumstance such as this when nothing he does seems right. The objective is to maintain empathy and show a great deal of patience, well mixed with a dose of humor; exactly what you expect from a professional limousine driver.

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