The Many Benefits of Portable Two-car Garage in Rising Sun MD

Having a garage is great for your car or your many after-work toys. A garage will protect them from the rain and snow, and will keep the seats from getting hot or damaged over time in the sun. Some people are not lucky enough to have an attached or detached garage and when this is the case, you can purchase a portable car garage instead. These types of two-car garage in Rising Sun MD have several great benefits:

Flexibility in Placement

Unlike traditional garages, you have the option of where you want to place a portable car garage. In some cases, your traditional garage may not be of been built in a convenient location. It could be getting in the way of your landscape design, taking up room in the yard which you would rather use for seating and entertaining, or it may be difficult to maneuver your car inside due to a slew of possible factors. You can place a portable car garage anywhere you find convenient. If you move out of your home you cannot take a traditional garage with you, but when you have a portable car garage, you can take it with you wherever you decide to relocate to.

Strong Structure

You do not need to worry about rain and storms when you have a quality portable car garage. Portable car garages can be made up of extremely durable materials including: powder coated steel frames, waterproof polyethylene covers, triple layer chemically bonded rip-stop, and use superior ratchet tension systems.

Portable car garages are durable enough to keep your cars, motorcycles, or any other equipment which you want to store under it dry and safe. These garages can withstand intense gales and relentless rains.

Easy to Put Up and Take Down

One of the greatest benefits of portable garages is how simple it is to put them up or take them down. Using a few standard tools which you usually already have in your toolbox, you can set up your portable garage by yourself and it should take less than an hour.

Should you need to relocate your portable car garage to the other side of the yard, a campsite, or a new home, it is very simple to do so. Portable car garages can be disassembled in minutes, and moved to the new location surprisingly easily.


Hiring a contractor to come in and build either an attached or detached garage can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. If you go with a durable canopy instead, you would only end up paying a fraction of that cost.

These canopies are a great way to protect your belongings from the elements, without the need to hire someone to put them up, and without emptying your wallet. If you’re interested in a quality canopy either to cover your vehicles or your guests during an exciting outdoor event, look no further than the Green Tree Structures.

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