The Latest Trends In Custom Lighting Design In Scranton, PA

The light fixtures of a home not only provide an adequate source of light but can act as a decorative piece that adds visual interest to a room. The problem is that many of the fixtures available from big box stores are generic and provide little in the way of aesthetic value. Instead of buying from a store rack, more homeowners are choosing to upgrade their light fixtures with Custom Lighting Design in Scranton PA, as it will ensure a room has an adequate amount of light and accessories that are fashion forward.

Light Placement

The placement of lights is an integral element of designing a lighting system, and it is often difficult for a homeowner to determine how a room will look at night when they are building a new home. Rather than struggling, be sure to hire a professional designer, as they will have a keen understanding of how light from various fixtures is cast, and some even use 3D rendering to create a virtual room that can provide a preview into how a fixture will function in an area.


Chandeliers are most widely used in dining rooms, but they are now being used in other applications and can add a dash of elegance and whimsy to any style home. Consider utilizing them for bathrooms, closets, and even entryways to create a more grand appearance. Most also come in a vast selection of styles so they can match the look and feel of a home or any decor that may be in place.

Can Light Fixtures

Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens often require a more direct light source, and few compare to the light that is emitted by a can light. Recessed lights are mounted in the ceiling and provide a direct stream of light that is unobstructed. Talk to a company that offers Custom Lighting Design in Scranton PA and discover how they can be used to create a finished look that is breathtaking and functional.

Choosing light fixtures and a proper layout for various lamps can be a challenge. The team at Quality Electric offers a wide range of electrical and lighting design services and can help turn any dark home into a well-lit showplace. Browse Site to learn more and see how simple lighting a home should be.

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