The Importance of Regular Dental Care

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Dentist

When you schedule regular dental visits with Dentists in Northeast Minneapolis, you will be receiving many more benefits than simply keeping an attractive smile. A dentist can determine many things about your overall general health during a regular dental visit. They can determine if you are developing any serious illnesses or diseases, such as diabetes.

There is new research that has proven that the health of your mouth actually mirrors the overall condition of your entire body. For example, when you have great oral health, chances are you have great overall health, as well. Also, if your oral health is poor, you likely have other health issues in other areas of your body. There are also studies that have shown that having good oral health can help to prevent some diseases from occurring in the first place.

Health Complications Related to Gum Disease
There is a proven relationship between health compilations such as heart disease and a stroke and gum, or periodontal disease. Additionally, pregnant women that have gum disease have been shown to have higher incidences of low birth weight and pre-term babies.

Other research that is available has shown that over 90 percent of all of the systemic diseases, which are diseases that involve the whole body or more than one organ, have manifestations that begin orally such as ulcers in the mouth, swollen gums and dry mouth. Some of these diseases include heart disease, diabetes, oral cancer, kidney disease, pancreatic cancer and leukemia.

Most people choose to have oral examinations regularly, which help to reduce the chance of these problems developing further.

The Consequences of Poor Oral Health
If you do not take steps to properly care for your gums and teeth, it may lead to other health problems. Some of the problems associated with poor oral health include facial and oral pain, problems with the heart and some of the other major organs and problems with digestion.

The best line of defense for these issues is to receive regular dental care. This will help to keep your mouth in great shape and allow your Dentist to catch major problems early on. Good oral hygiene will also lead to great overall health.

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