The Importance of Recycling Batteries When You’re Done Using Them

In most states, it is illegal to throw a battery in the trash. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer battery recycling services in your area, and in some cases, you will be paid for doing the right thing. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of recycling the products that power your computer, television and other items that you use each day.

The Materials Within a Battery Have Value

Batteries are made from a variety of materials such as zinc, lithium and manganese. These materials can be removed from the battery container and sold to processing facilities at market value. Alternatively, they will be removed from an existing dead battery and used to produce a new one.

Keep Harmful Materials Out of the Ground and Water

It isn’t uncommon for lead, nickel or other elements to leak from a battery as it corrodes. Over time, these elements might make their way into soil that is used to grow the food that we eat. Furthermore, they could also make their way into rivers, streams or lakes that people drink from or play in.

In some cases, the elements within a battery ignite and are released into the air. It isn’t uncommon for landfill fires to last for years, which means that a significant amount of harmful material might enter the atmosphere. By partnering with a company that offers battery recycling services, you can reduce clutter in your home without compromising the air or water quality in your community.

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