The Importance of Choosing the Correct Jewelry for Tragus Piercing

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Jewelry

Earring piercings are still one of the most popular forms of piercings in the world. While the lobe is generally the most common location for piercings, people often have the cartilage around the ear pierced as well. One form of ear piercing that many people are having done now is called a Tragus piercing.

What Is a Tragus Piercing?

The Tragus is cartilage of the ear that is located on the inner side of the ear between the lobe and the rounded portion. It is a small and slightly triangular shaped area of the ear that sits in front of the ear canal. Many people get this small area of the ear pierced, which is known as a Tragus piercing.

Choosing Jewelry for Tragus Piercings

Although you can choose jewelry for Tragus piercing that looks great, it is important to choose the right piece of jewelry to minimize the chances of rejection. There are several types of metal that are used to make jewelry for the Tragus and the choice of metal may increase the chance of rejection. Many people who choose a steel piece of jewelry have a higher rejection rate than those who choose jewelry made from titanium or glass.

The size of the jewelry will also influence the chance of rejection. The smaller the gauge of the Tragus jewelry, the chances of it being rejected increases. A larger gauge should be selected to be worn in the Tragus. A gauge of 18 is usually recommended for this area of the ear. In addition, the piece of jewelry is usually shorter as the earring would sit right in front of the ear canal opening. Many posts on Tragus jewelry are about 1/4-inch long.

Caring for Tragus Piercings

To help lessen the chances of rejection, not only is it important to choose the correct jewelry for a Tragus piercing but having an experienced piercer and aftercare also play important roles. Since the area of the Tragus is small and located in a sensitive area, it is important to have an experienced piercer do the piercing. Ask questions about their qualifications and experience before you let anyone stick a needle in your skin.

Taking proper care of your Tragus piercing will help lessen the chances of infection and rejection of the piercing. You should clean the area with cleaning solution on a regular basis. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before cleaning the area to reduce the chances of transferring bacteria to the piercing. In addition, use salt soaks to help the area heal.

You can find many attractive pieces of jewelry for Tragus piercing that come in many shapes and styles. With proper care, your piercing will stay healthy for years.

When you are choosing jewelry for Tragus piercing that looks great, it is important to choose the right piece of jewelry to minimize the chances of rejection. For more details visit

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