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by | Aug 2, 2013 | Health Insurance

The Medicare program is broken down into four divisions; each division is responsible for handling a certain element or aspect of healthcare. There are instances where the different types of Medicare in Rockford IL complement one another and there are times when one replaces one or more of the other types. For those individuals who take interest in this healthcare program they should become intimate with the four different parts and develop a solution that will provide the best coverage for the money they have available.

Medicare is similar to many healthcare plans from the point of view that it allows for people to select the plan that is most suitable for their situation. Plans can be tailored to only provide outpatient care or alternatively, there are plans that focus on inpatient services. There are drug plans available as well as private insurance. Let’s have a look at the plans for Medicare in Rockford IL that is available.

Part A: This is that part of Medicare that covers major issues and end of life care. This plan will pay for inpatient care when an individual is confined to a hospital as well as hospice care for the terminally ill patient. This plan can cover care in the home and it can help to keep seniors in their own homes as long as possible. If the senior eventually has to be placed in a nursing home, it is Medicare Part A that covers the expenses.

Part B: Part B is that part of Medicare that cover routine visits to the doctor office and it covers minor issues that may become major issues if not attended to. Part B Medicare pays for the doctor’s visits and also pays for therapy, both physical and occupational. It is this part of the Medicare program that is most closely monitored and scrutinized and it receives the most adjustments year in and year out.

Part C: This part is called the Medicare Advantage Plan and is designed to help people who want private insurance which completely replaces Parts A and B of Medicare. The plan that the individual opts for must be approved by Medicare, it may require an additional premium to be paid.

Part D: Although part D is new to the system it is the part that many people desire. Part D covers the cost of prescription drugs but there may be deductibles and co-payments that need to be met.

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