The Dentist in Spring Can Treat Your Tooth Infection

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Dentistry

The Dentist In Spring often sees patients when infection begins in a tooth. A tooth infection, called an abscess, can range from mild to severe. Severe infections can sometimes cause permanent tooth damage and can lead to the spread of infection to other teeth and the gum tissue. The permanent damage risks can be greatly reduced through prompt dental care.

An infection in the tooth is often the result of severe decay. As the inner area of the tooth becomes infected, the body works to fight the infection through increased white blood cell levels. Though these cells go about destroying the infection, they can lead to extensive pressure on the inside of the tooth. Once a person begins experiencing pus drainage, the pain can become unbearable. Severe tooth infections must be treated by the Dentist In Spring.

The dentist will first examine the tooth to determine how severe the infection has become. X-rays may be taken to see if any other teeth or the gums are affected. Treatment for tooth infections involves first draining the abscess. Draining the pus and infection from the tooth helps to reduce the pressure and pain being felt. The tooth will then be treated with powerful antibiotics.

Antibiotic therapy brings the infection under control so the tooth is no longer in danger of being damaged. After the infection has been brought under control, the dentist will be able to see if a root canal needs to be carried out. A root canal can cleanse the inside of the tooth and stop the progression of damage. Visit website for more details.

It is imperative people recognize the signs of a tooth infection so they will know when to seek treatment. These signs may include:

   *     Tooth pain

   *     Gum swelling around the tooth

   *     Pus drainage

   *     Swelling in the jaw

   *     Fever

If you have noticed any of these signs of problems, a prompt call to the dentist is crucial. Contact Gentle Dental Care and schedule an appointment right away. They offer patients extensive dental care services to ensure patient’s smiles stay healthy and beautiful. With prompt dental care, painful symptoms can be relieved and smiles can be protected.

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