The best way to store art

Although the art collection you have may not hold a candle to some, your collection to you is equally important as is the collection of a art connoisseur. As time goes by people look forward to a change in their environment, this is true for the art they display in their homes as well. When new pieces of art are acquired many people are faced with the problem of storing the works which will be replaced on their walls. This problem is the same problem that any artist, gallery or art collector has.

Much of the art that is found on display in middle income homes may not have high real value but the pieces hold considerable sentimental value which makes them equally valuable to the owner. Old framed art, porcelain vases, sculptures etc. are very fragile and simply putting work of this nature in the basement is the worst thing you could do, this is why you must consider art storage in Orange County. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that your collection is kept in perfect condition when it is not on display in your home.

Bear in mind that canvas, paper, photographs and the likes tend to blot up humidity; it is this exposure that rapidly results in the formation of mold and mildew, the enemies of art. To overcome this climate controlled storage is the solution. When art is stored in a facility where the temperature and humidity are set perfectly and maintained, you can prevent damage to your art which can easily include, warping, curling and turning yellow. The correct storage facility will not have direct heat near the works but should be controlled with a system that maintains consistency.

The art itself should be taken out of the frame and stored in closing cabinets where it is separated from other pieces by acid free paper. If the work will stay framed during storage it should be stored in an upright attitude and off the floor. The piece must be stored totally separated from any object which might lie up against either the frame or the art panel.

When you select a facility that offers art storage in Orange County you want to make sure that it is secure against any possible vandalism or theft as well as fire.

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