The Best International Moving Services in Washington DC

Washington DC has a very mobile population. People move into town and out of town with every election cycle. Diplomats come and go from many countries. Washington DC has many citizens from around the country who come to town for government jobs. When those jobs end, they move back to the states they came from or on to a new job. All of these people need dependable moving services for cross country moves or International Moving Services in Washington DC. There are also well-known universities with faculty and students coming and going.

International Moves

People who must move from one country to another such as diplomats need a moving company such as Olympia Moving & Storage with a moving network that is worldwide. The household goods must cross the oceans and other countries to get to their final destination. The property owners need their belongings to get to their new home in good condition with nothing missing. They need a company with the contacts and trained personnel to take care of the belongings every step of the way without theft or damage.

The customer needs International Moving Services in Washington DC that offer full insurance coverage. The company should provide the customer with moving advisers and coordinators to help with every aspect of their relocation.

National Moves

People moving within the United States are busy people who need a quality, dependable moving service to get their belongings to their new home without problems such as theft or damage. They may need storage options at one end of the move or another. If the new home needs remodeling before they move in, their belongings must be stored until the home is ready. Because these people are busy, they need a company that will handle all the moving details for them.

Services such as managing the move online, full insurance coverage, using special furniture protection kits, and packing services are important. At the new location, the clients need their belongings unloaded and placed in the correct rooms. Everyone wants their move to go smoothly with no damage or theft. Go to for additional moving information. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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