The Benefits of Solid State Starters versus Other Soft Starters

For years, engineers have recognized the importance of using soft start mechanisms to control torque and voltage in powerful electric motors. Soft starters have become so widely known for their usefulness in reducing electricity consumption, in fact, that they are mandatory in some areas for motors producing over 7.5 hp. There are many different types of soft starters, but solid state starters are preferred for most applications, for a number of reasons.

There Are No Moving Parts
Solid state starters are the only soft starters with no moving parts—hence the name “solid state.” A solid state starter will still limit starting torque, reduce electrical surge, and protect the motor from overheating, but it may also last longer than other forms of soft starters. These starters require little to no maintenance and will increase the lifespan of your motor as well.

Applicable for Most Types and Sizes of Motors
There are only a handful of motors that may not be able to use a solid state starter. However, some of the many common applications of solid state starters include:
* Conveyors
* Fans
* Pumps
* Compressors
* Textile Equipment
There are a variety of different solid state soft starters that you can use for different types of equipment, and many of these are easily programmable. They can also be used for one-phase, two-phase, or three-phase starting, depending on the starter that you choose.

They Can Replace Older Soft Starters Easily
Solid state starter set-up is a relatively simple process when compared to installation of other types of soft starters, like wye-delta or primary resistor starting. Many older motors with these forms of starters can benefit from a switch to solid state, and solid state starters will likely cost less, both for the part and for installation.

Choosing the Correct Solid State Starters
If your motor can operate with a solid state starter, it is usually advisable to choose that option, for a number of reasons. Before you consult a soft starting specialist at Five Star Electric, make sure to check your motor for:
* Full load amps and locked rotor amps
* Horsepower rating
* Torque/speed curve and torque requirements of the equipment
* Start and stop requirements, including number of starts per hour
* Class overload protection requirements
* Line voltage
Your Five Star Electric specialist will use this information to choose the soft starter that is most applicable for your motor and machinery. Solid State Starters can reduce energy consumption and help your equipment last longer, so it is important to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a qualified professional before you make a final decision. Five Star Electric has been serving its customers for over thirty years with quality products and outstanding customer service, so this is a company you know you can trust.

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