The Benefits of a Vinyl Mailbox Post Over a Wooden Mailbox Post

Unless your mail is delivered through a slot in your front door or through a mail slot near the front door, you need a mailbox. The mailbox has to be on a post of a specific size near the curb of your home, or if your city allows it, near your front door on the walkway up to the door. That said, you can choose from either a wooden post for your mailbox or a vinyl post. Here’s why you should choose the vinyl post over the wooden one.

Virtually No Maintenance Required

Vinyl posts maintain their texture and structure without any maintenance over the years. Short of someone taking out the post and mailbox with a car, a vinyl post only needs the occasional washing to maintain its appearance. Compare that to a wooden post that will need to be scraped and repainted or stained with a waterproof stain every few years. If you already don’t have enough time to maintain things in your yard the vinyl post is ideal.

Many Styles Are Available

There are so many different styles, textures and features to vinyl mailbox posts that you are sure to find one you like. Many of these posts can match your home and/or your fence around your yard too. Select the right one at the right height so that you can easily get your mail and keep the mailbox as decorative as it is useful.

When you are ready to pick out a vinyl mailbox post, contact Royal Crowne.

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